Hilda Wilson

Hilda Wilson

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Hilda Wilson – A Life Enriched by Foster Care

Her family has fostered children and youth since she was a child. Hilda Wilson and her parents often had a home full of young people in care. These young people had a profound impact on her life. For instance, their experiences in care gave her insight and appreciation of life in foster care. Special needs became an interest of her’s after her daughter, Annie, was born with cerebral palsy. In 1991, Hilda and her husband, Bill, became foster parents. For the next 20 years they would both care for children with severe medical and developmental issues.

Prior to becoming a foster parent and for a short-while afterwards, Hilda worked as an Educational Assistant for the High Park Forest School. This school focused on helping preschoolers with visual impairments learn how to cope with their disability.


Proper Placements and Stable Homes

In 1996, Hilda and Bill created their own foster care program. They wanted to only have qualified homes and to make stable placements. Hilda Wilson quickly earned a reputation for her foster home recruitment.┬áRegrettably, Ottawa Children’s Aid started to cut back their use of private foster care programs in 2008. By late 2011, Hilda and Bill transferred their program to another agency and decided to focus on their Greater Toronto Area operations. The agency in Ottawa complimented that experience and values of the homes which were transferred as a result of Hilda’s efforts.


Continued Success

Meanwhile Hilda Wilson has increased Annie’s Havens reputation in the same way she was able to make her Ottawa program a success. Annie’s Havens has increased the number of Children’s Aid partners that trust our program with their children due to her heard work. Several years ago Annie’s Havens became one of the first private foster care programs in Ontario to use the S.A.F.E. home study process. Seeing the value in this home study process, Hilda decided to become a S.A.F.E. home study supervisor. Our foster homes are known to be among the most dependable in the private sector of Ontario.