William Wilson

William Wilson

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William Wilson – Beginnings in Foster Care

William Wilson is the Executive Director of Annie’s Havens. He is also the co-founder and current President of the Ontario Residential Care Association. Hilda Wilson is his wife and co-founder of Annie’s Havens. William and Hilda began their career in foster care by caring for developmentally delayed youth in 1991. Consequently they decided in 1995 to move to Ottawa and start a foster care program. At the time, Ottawa was closing their group homes meaning¬†that special needs children would need foster homes. Children’s Aid respected William and Hilda’s foster homes and gave very positive feedback. Meanwhile, the foster care program was caring for over 20 children within 5 years.


Establishing Annie’s Havens

At the same time, Ottawa had a very small population and not other major communities surrounding it. Therefore, William and Hilda looked to the Greater Toronto Area to expand their foster care program. In 2008, Ottawa regrettably began a process of limiting their use of private foster care agencies. For this reason William Wilson assumed the role of Executive Director of the GTA program in 2013. Ultimately, William and Hilda were able to show that they advocate strongly for children who are marginalized and the foster parents in their program.


Provincial Leadership

William Wilson established, along with White Rabbit, the Ontario Residential Care Association while also managing his own agency in 2002. He led the way to ensure that there was a place for private agencies in the child welfare sector. After taking some time away from ORCA to focus on his agency, he returned to the role of President in 2013. Upon his return to the Presidency of ORCA, the membership of the association has increased dramatically.

Annie’s Havens is proud to have William Wilson focus our agency on our Mission Statement¬†of providing excellent care.