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Foster Parent Training

Since so many children have unique needs and foster homes tend to specialize in certain areas, we facilitate training through various providers outside of our own in-house sessions. This allows foster parents to really get an in-depth knowledge on subjects that will help.


In addition to 24/7 support using traditional phone and email, we have a private Facebook group for all our parents and staff. Keeping in touch with each other and sharing experiences and ideas is a great way to get support.

Caregiver Advocacy

Foster care agencies will often not take the foster parent’s side in a dispute to keep them happy. We believe that the foster parent is the primary source of care information and we advocate for their point of view.

My family has special needs children and I have always wanted to help people with disabilities. I was happy to learn that Annie’s Havens has an excellent and well regarded special needs program. There are helpers that come to my home and assist me with my kids’ daily personal needs. Thanks!

Jennifer M.

My husband and I fostered for another agency and found the support given to be quite lacking. Annie’s Havens is always there when a child arrives and makes sure that we have everything we need. We are an LTGBQ friendly home and have cared for several youth who identify as such.

Peter K.

My experience with Annie’s Havens so far has been very positive. I feel that they understand the dynamics of my home and family very well and use that when matching us for a child. Our preferences are always respected and we are never pressured to take a child we are not comfortable managing.

Danielle T.
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