There is a comprehensive process to becoming a foster parent. Many people have good hearts and want to help children in need – it is our duty to those children that we ensure they are cared for in a safe, stable and competent environment. Below are some of the most common questions asked by potential foster parents. We encourage you to call even if you feel that you may not qualify.

What’s the difference between fostering with CAS and Annie’s Havens?

Both the CAS and Annie’s Havens are licensed by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services on an annual basis using the same criteria. CAS has other responsiblities such as providing direct services to families in distress where there is no immediate protection concerns.

Support for the children and the foster families by CAS is structured somewhat differently from Annie’s Havens depending on which region the Society is located.

What if I’m single?

Single people can foster children. A highly flexible work schedule, financial security and a personal support network (family close-by, faith community, etc.) would all need to be assessed.

We’ve been thinking about fostering for years. Can we start right away?

We can start the application process quickly. It takes time for background checks to be processed, completion of a home study and orientation training. If paperwork is returned to Annie’s Havens quickly and your schedule is flexible it can take as little as 2-months to open your home for placement consideration. Parents who have lived in different areas and have time constraints around training will take longer – no more than 4-months is our goal.